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Accounting (ACTG)
Anthropology (ANTH)
Art (ART)
Astronomy (ASTR)
Automotive Service Technology (AUSV)
Automotive Technology (ATTC)
Bachelor Of Integrated Studies (BIS)
Botany (BTNY)
Business Administration (BSAD)
CE Professional (CEPR)
CE Specials (CES)
Chemistry (CHEM)
Child and Family Studies (CHF)
Communication (COMM)
Computer Science (CS)
Construction Management Tech (CMT)
Criminal Justice (CJ)
Dance (DANC)
Dental Science (DENT)
Design Engineering Technology (DET)
Diagnostic Medical Sonography (DMS)
Economics (ECON)
Education (EDUC)
English (ENGL)
Finance (FIN)
Foreign Language (FL)
Geography (GEOG)
Geosciences (GEO)
Health (HLTH)
Health Administrative Services (HAS)
Health Information Management (HIM)
Health Sciences (HTHS)
History (HIST)
Info Systems And Technology (IST)
Interior Design Technology (IDT)
Library Science (LIBS)
Management (MGMT)
Marketing (MKTG)
Master of Prof Communication (MPC)
Masters Of Criminal Justice (MCJ)
Masters Of Education (MED)
Math (MATH)
Medical Laboratory Sciences (MLS)
Microbiology (MICR)
Music (MUSC)
Network Management Tech (NET)
Nursing (NRSG)
Nutrition (NUTR)
Paramedics (PAR)
Philosophy (PHIL)
Physical Education Professionl (PEP)
Physics (PHYS)
Political Science (POLS)
Professional Sales (PS)
Psychology (PSY)
Quantitative Analysis (QUAN)
Radiological Technology (RADT)
Respiratory Therapy (REST)
Social Work (SW)
Sociology (SOC)
Spanish (SPAN)
Theatre Arts (THEA)
University (UNIV)
Web and User Experience (WEB)
Women and Gender Studies (WGS)
Zoology (ZOOL)

Not available in Arkansas, DC, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, and North Carolina. Health Professions degrees that require professional licensing in New York are not available.

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